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Message to patients from practice

Published 30/09/2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic The Ridings Medical Group remains committed to providing high quality clinical care to all patients whilst endeavouring to protect both patients and staff from the risk of infection.

Throughout the frequent reviewing of Government guidance we have ensured compliance with all recommendations and our doors have remained open. As per NHS England guidance the first booked GP consultation is over the telephone and if deemed necessary the GP asks the patient to attend for a face-to-face appointment. A number of essential nursing and healthcare assistant appointments have continued to take place face-to-face throughout the pandemic and this continues to be reviewed. We have stressed to patients to only attend the surgery if they have a booked appointment as we would like to minimise the contact and risk for both patients and staff and it is essential that we minimise the number of people in the waiting room at any one time. We are encouraging patients who do need to attend the surgery to wear face coverings and to socially distance at all times.

Whilst we appreciate that this is a very stressful time for patients our staff have also been under a lot of pressure to meet the increased demand on services during Covid, the stresses of sourcing adequate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), whilst at times running with reduced staff due to colleagues having to shield or self-isolate.

Our staff are all working extremely hard and have never been busier. Everyone is doing their absolute best to provide a good service but increasingly staff are finding themselves in the position of receiving abusive or insulting comments about the Practice. More than ever we need your support and understanding during these unprecedented times.

Over the last 2 weeks we have received an exceptional number of telephone calls so please be patient if it takes longer to answer your call. We are in the process of installing a new telephone system which should alleviate some of our problems and this should be in place in the next few weeks.

You can help us by registering for online services for appointment booking and prescription ordering.

Thank you for reading this message.

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